Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Hair Disaster - Chlorine Green Hair | Dolled Up Daily Blog

Hey Lovelies! Sorry I haven't blogged in the last week or so, but I've been on vacation in Florida. It's gorgeous here, getting lots of sun, swimming, having a good time.

But spending so much time in a chlorine filled pool can do some damage to your hair! My naturally blonde hair quickly picked up a green tint, I was horrified!

Why do pools turn lighter hair colors green? It's not actually the chlorine, its the oxidized metals in the water, and when the water evaporates from your hair it leaves the metal particles on your hair. Gross!

This not only isn't good for your hair, but leaves that awful color and build up. My hair felt so dry and gross.

I tried ultraswim shampoo and conditioner, it helped a little with getting a bit of the color out but, it didn't quite do what I needed. It still had a gross lime green shade.

So I bought Malibu 2000 shampoo, and luckily that made my hair bright, blonde, and beautiful again!

So in short, if you have this problem ever, I recommend buying Malibu 2000, it can do wonders. Even if you don't have blonde hair and spend lots of time in the pool, you might want to consider buying this because just because you can't see it, doesn't mean those harsh metals and chemicals aren't there!

Although there are other ways of getting green out of your hair (washing with tomato juice, putting baking soda in your shampoo) this is the only way that removes the chemicals, doesn't just mask them.

Hope this helps, remember it for the future just in case :)

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