Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nail Inspiration | Dolled Up Daily Blog

Hey Guys, first of all I want to say thank you for following and all your wonderful comments, each one puts a huge smile on my face. I just want to give each and every one of you a hug!

So lately all that's been going on here is.. Lots of snow. Snow Snow Snow! It just doesn't let up lol.

But on the bright side, It looks beautiful.

Since I have been pretty much been stuck inside, I didn't get all dolled up really, but I did have a lot of time to paint my nails and find past pictures of my nails, so hopefully this gives you some inspiration!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Always Keep Vaseline Nearby | Dolled Up Daily

A year or two ago, I would've thought it was weird if someone said they always keep Vaseline nearby, but I picked up some to help sooth and moisturize my burnt nose in the summer, and now I realized how versatile and great it was.

So I thought I'd share a bunch of ways you can use it!

1. On chapped lips as a chapstick or as a lip gloss to add shine

2. Put on lips, leave for 2 minutes, scrub off with toothbrush and have the softest lips you've ever had!

3. On eyelashes to lengthen & thicken

4. Use as a moisturizer (It doesn't clog pores)

5. Put thin layer on teeth and lipstick wont get on them (I wouldn't do this unless you're going to be taking a lot of pictures)

6. As an aftershave balm

7. Soften your cuticles before a manicure

8. A highlighter on your cheeks.

9. Shine up an old mani by putting a thin layer over nails

10. Can use as a primer for makeup

11. Reduce look of fine lines under eyes

12. Use it to remove makeup stains from clothes

13. Mix with lipstick to create a long lasting blush

14. Use as an eyebrow gel to keep eyebrows in line

15. Apply to tips of your hair to help prevent split ends

16. Put on the neck of nail polish bottles to make sure they don't get stuck shut

17. Put a coat on feet at night, put socks over, and wake up with super smooth feet

18. Shine up shoes and bags

19. Mix with sea salt to make a scrub

20. As a massage balm

And many more! The best thing is it's super affordable! I picked up a 99 cent case in the summer and use it for so many things and it's still half full!

EDIT: On a more serious note! Please sign the petition against SOPA at Or who knows, we may have these blogs shut down. Facebook & Twitter gone.. Etc. :(

Friday, January 13, 2012

What's in my Bag? | Dolled Up Daily Blog

So I'm snowed in, a little bored, and I've always wanted to do a "what's in your bag" post so I guess I'll join in the trend :)

Thanks for all the positive comments on my video! I'll have another one early next week on how to get the perfect red lip with only ONE product, along with a giveaway of some of my favorite lip products.

So here's my bag, it's a Louis Vuitton Speedy 40, it was a Christmas gift, and I love it! But believe me when I say, it's HUGE. You guys are going to think I'm crazy with all this stuff I've got shoved in here lol, but I can truly say I'm always prepared.

My coach checkbook and wallet! Obviously all my cards and information is in there, so I'm not going to show you the inside :P

My weather accessories. I'm from a very chilly place, so I keep two pairs of gloves with me, my gray touch gloves for my touch screen phone. I love them! I don't have to take off my gloves to text anymore, so nice for walking to class. The white pair for a friend if they forget, and the purple hat because it's the only hat that I've EVER found that looks good on me. Love it. The umbrella is more for if I have to walk through the rain WHILE I'm carrying the purse lol, I don't want to get water stains on the leather. Usually I don't mind a quick walk through the rain, but I'd hate to ruin my purse.

You guys are going to be impressed with EVERYTHING I fit in this little pink case lol. From a bunch of lip products, band-aids, clear nail polish, nail clippers, lady products, moisturizer, and more!

Last but not least.. I am guilty of carrying a full size perfume with me lol, and my keys. I need a cute new key chain, anyone have suggestions of shops that carry them?

Tell me what you think. What's something you always need to carry with you? What are the essentials in your purse?