Thursday, February 9, 2012

Would You Carry Your Purse Like This? | Dolled Up Daily Blog

So lately on the runway there's been this new trend, of carrying your bag folded over, this has been something I've been hearing about in just about every fashion magazine.

It's been seen on the runways lately, along with holding your purse completely upside down, or sideways.

I personally it's a silly trend, I'd never hold my bag folded over, because I wouldn't want it to get a weird bend, not other ways either, I can just picture me dropping all my belongings all over the floor in the middle of the mall. Haha. Not something I want to do.

What do you guys think of this trend?

While we're on the topic of bags and such, look at this adorable Guess suitcase I picked up today for under $70.00

It's lovely! I'm already excited to use it for all my travels. Such a steal. I got it from my local Meijer, couldn't pass it up.

Thanks again for all the follows and comments, you are all so great.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Beauty (and everyday) Uses for Baby Oil | Dolled Up Daily Blog

Hi guys! Sorry I've neglected you lately! I have a very busy bunch of days, I started school back up this past week, and had to get back into the grove of things, so my mind was all over the place. Also it was my birthday over the weekend and I had plans with all my friends and family. It was wonderful :) I hope your last week has been as blessed as mine!

I'm actually in class hahaha, so this post is going to be simple and nice. You seemed to dig my post about vaseline, so I have a related post. Beauty uses of baby oil! It's another one of my secret weapons. (It does have a lot of same uses as vaseline too, but they work differently, if that makes sense)

Also, tell me what you guys would like to see more of. nails? hair? etc etc. :) And I'd like to thank you for every single comment, and if you follow me just leave me a comment saying so and I'll follow back!

Okay, that's all my rambling for now, here's a bunch of wonderful things to do with baby oil:

1. Makes an awesome makeup remover, especially for those people whom have sensitive skin. (It is made for babies after all)

2. Also can be used to remove temporary tattoos!

3. Put a few drops in your ears to remove wax (Warm it up slightly first)

4. Remove those stubborn stickers from products by applying it then wiping it off with a soft rag after a few minutes, it'll come right off!

5. Put some baby oil in a spray bottle and spray LIGHTLY on your hair to add shine (Too much will make it greasy!) It's good for your hair too :)

6. Put it on squeaky doors to prevent the squeaking

7. Put some in a warm bath and your skin will be so soft when you get out

8. Use it to remove tight rings from your fingers

9. Apply to skin after shower/bath for super soft skin, it'll soak in and make your skin feel amazing! (Put extra on dry areas like elbows and knees)

10. Use instead of shave gel, it'll give your legs that shiny glow while keeping them moisturized

11. Use it to polish up your wooden furniture (If there's dings/scratches on your wood furniture rub them with a walnut and it'll practically disappear.. Is it weird I know that? Lol)

12. As cuticle oil, to soften and moisturize

13. Mix a little with your foundation to give yourself that dewy glow. MAC has been mixing oils with foundation for ages to achieve the look!

14. Keep glitter on eyelids, apply a SMALL SMALL amount to eyelids then apply the glitter, it'll adhere to your skin so much better.

15. Use it to untangle jewelry, apply some to a knot/tangle and it should come out very easy!

16. Add some to your body wash to make it last longer

17. Applying this to your body in the winter acts as another layer of insulation, and it'll help keep you warm! (Weird I know, but true, I've done it and noticed)

18. Shine up those golf clubs! It'll save money and look great. (I don't golf but I heard this works wonders)

19. Put it over a bandaid before you pull it off to help relieve the pain

20. Use it to tan and it'll multiple the suns rays. Obviously this is dangerous and you have to do it in moderation, and make sure you don't burn.

Thanks for reading lovelies, I promise to post again soon :)