Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Nail Tool I'll Never Grow Sick Of | Dolled Up Daily

I love doing my nails, when I'm bored, when I'm in a creative mood, when I'm trying to match a cute outfit.. And I do love some solid and simple nails, once in awhile I like to get more adventurous.

What lets me turn my nails from pretty to stunning? My Konad.

Its a simple system which you paint on a metal plate which has an engraved design, scrape off the excess, and stamp it from the plate to your nail.

I've had it for years and continuously use it. Way cheaper and better looking than stickers or press on nails. I really recommend checking this product out if you've never used one before. Also, there are cheaper products on amazon, or you can get them off the retail website

Have you ever used a Konad? What do you use to make your nails pop?

If you want any more info or pictures on how to use a Konad, just request it in the comments below.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keep Those Locks Healthy & Strong | Dolled Up Daily Blog

I always get questions about how to keep hair healthy and strong, so I thought I'd write a little post to help inform you all :)

How to Keep Hair Healthy:

1. Healthy Bites
Eating right will make your body run better. Foods like salmon, green vegetables, nuts, eggs, poultry, carrots, etc.) Your hair will be healthier, stronger, and faster. Protein, protein, protein!

2. Trim Away the Ends
Get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, even if you're trying to grow it out, this is vital. Getting the dead ends removed is very important for hair growth and health.

3. Air Dry
Obviously, the less heat the better. The blow dryer is one of the worst weapons you can use on your hair, if you can let your hair dry by itself instead of using harmful tools you wont regret it.

4. Always Use Heat Protectant
This is simple. Whenever you use a heat tool- whether it be a straightener or blow dryer, always always always use heat protectant to help protect your locks from that harmful heat.

5. Turn the Heat Down
We all have those days we want to look extra gorgeous! So don't worry too much about those heat tools, just use a lower heat. Stick in the 300-400 degree range when dealing with hair. I stick to 375ish, which is way better for your hair. Going to high can actually manipulate the structure of the DNA of your hair. Clearly, that can't be good for it!

6. Use Gentle Products
Get products that are good for your hair. When it comes to shampoo, the less suds the better! Some of these products are expensive, but if you're on a budget, pick up a baby shampoo. They're extra gentle and very affordable.

7. Give it a Break
Once in awhile, give your hair a rest. Try to wash it not every day, the less the better! This is tougher for people like me with curly hair, but still doable! Try some cute up-dos to do on those days, or straighten it and let it get that messy look overnight. Just invest in a shower cap (or take one from a hotel) you won't regret it.
If your hair gets oily over night- don't worry! Put a little bit of baby powder or dry shampoo in it and it should be just fine.

8. Work Out
That's right! Regular exercise helps not only your body, but your hair and skin! It'll grow it stronger, quicker, longer, and healthier.

9. Scalp Massaging
Yes it sounds silly, but giving your scalp a few minute message every day will make a major difference. The increased circulation due to the massage will make your hair grow faster.

10. Caution When Wet
Be extra gentle when your hair is wet, that's it's most fragile state. Try to wait until it's completely dry to brush or style. If you must comb while wet, try to do it in the shower when your conditioner is in it. Not following this will lead to massive amounts of split ends.

There are many other tips, but these to me are the most important.

Following these will definitely help you along the journey of safe and healthy locks. :)

Any of you have other tips? What's something you plan on doing to make a change in your hair?

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!