Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Trends to Watch Out For | Dolled Up Daily Blog



Whitest Whites
 Trench Coats
 Sneaker Wedges

Here's just a few of the trends for this season I've been looking out for. What trends have been catching your eye?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Beauty Uses for a Toothbrush | Dolled Up Daily Blog

I was inspired to write this post due to a blog entry I read on the beauty department ( and it made me think, I've seen so many other posts about one or two things you can do with a spare toothbrush, and how handy they can be, why not make a bigger list of beauty uses a spare (or washed old) toothbrush can do! :) 

Teasing comb
If you think about it, a toothbrush is just like a tiny teasing comb. Use it as you would a teasting brush to get smaller areas like your crown or even a ponytail.

Tame Flyaways
Lightly spray hairspray or a a gel/shine spray onto toothbrush bristles and comb hair in direction desired. This will completely tame those annoying little fly aways.

Exfoliate lips
This is my favorite trick for soft lips. I've blogged about it before. Apply vaseline (or even chapstick if you dont have any, a good amount of it though) wait a few minutes, and scrub your lips gently for 30 seconds to a minute, they should feel slightly tingly but don't over do it. You'll be amazed how good your lips feel and look!! I always love doing this before applying lip color or whenever my lips feel a little chapped. 

Scrub away dead cuticles
After you push back cuticles scrub nails with toothbrush to rub dead cuticles away. (Another idea is that you can clean between nails and skin where it's hard to reach)

Exfoliate Your Face
Don't do this if you have sensitive / thin skin! Michelle Phan does this (she has a video on it I believe, you can search it on youtube) Use a toothbrush with softer bristles (maybe an old one) and gently scrub in circles to exfoliate face. 

Groom Eyebrows
Dont need specific eyebrow brush to do the trick, just groom into place with a little vaseline instead of eyebrow gel and they'll stay groomed all day! 

Clean Jewelry
You can use a toothbrush to scrub and clean jewelry, some places I found this even said to use toothpaste on jewelry when scrubbing, but that's your call lol I think I'll stick to the typical cleaning solution.

Clean your hairbrushes/combs
Use a toothbrush to get dirt, oil, and old hair out of the bristles of your brushes. They bristles can reach into deep places and lift away all unwanted scum. 

Clean hard to clean containers
Have makeup storage cases that aren't easy to clean? Just use a toothbrush to do the trick. 

Apply Dry Shampoo/Baby Powder
Apply light powder to toothbrush then apply mostly to roots and needed area without making a mess, and then brush it through hair with toothbrush to blend in.