Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Blue Dress | Dolled Up Daily Blog

There's not much I love more than the summer time. The warm weather, beach days, and just overall happiness the sunshine tends to bring to my face. One thing that goes hand in hand with the warm days and sunny weather is a perfect dress.

Easy to throw on, comfortable, and pretty at the same time. These pictures are from awhile back, but thought they'd be a perfect example of a simple day dress.

The dress is from last summers candies line, belt came with, and the flip flops are American Eagle.

And now one just for laughs, have to love the awkward moment someone walks through a photo session lol.

What's your favorite summertime apparel?

Until next time dolls



Monday, May 20, 2013

Ombre All Around | Dolled Up Daily Blog

One trend I've been loving a little extra this season is Ombre. I've been loving this for years, and thought maybe it wouldn't last, but it's only becoming more and more popular.

From hair, to nails, and even food, this is a very lovely trend that I just adore. Are you planning on picking up any ombre pieces this season?

I've been loving ombre nails for this spring, and I'm sure I'll love it this summer too. Thinking about doing a tutorial, thoughts?

xoxo, Haylee

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Sunnies! Prada 'Baroque' PR 27NS | Dolled Up Daily Blog

One of my favorite accessories for the sunny weather are sunglasses. I was fortunate enough to get a pair of sunglasses I've adored for months but never thought I'd be lucky enough to get my hands on!

I got the Prada PR 27NS, in black. These gems have gorgeously curved and constructed beautifully and flawlessly.


So excited about getting these that I just had to blog.

They're very big, but I love oversized sunglasses, at first I was a little worried they were overwhelmingly big, but within minutes I just loved the size and shape. They're rounded and look great on. This isn't the last post these will be in I'm sure. What do you guys look for when picking out new sunnies?

Here's a few pictures of ladies who sure know how to rock these glasses. I love wearing my hair up in the summer, can't wait to wear these glasses with that simple look!

Well until next time dolls,

xoxo Haylee

Disclaimer: I was not paid or endorsed at all to review or post about this pair of sunglasses. 

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