Friday, November 29, 2013

Over the Knee | Dolled Up Daily Blog

I don't know about there, but here winter has clearly arrived. I am getting a little sick of all this snow already. But, I don't plan on letting the snow stop me from dressing how I want!

One thing I've seen a lot this season but never personally owned is over the knee boots. I've seen people rock them, but I've also seen some others not look quite their best in their pairs. The nightmare I have when thinking of over the knee boots, is looking like Julia Roberts in pretty woman. They may have worked for her, but that's not exactly the image I am going for.

But, there are a lot of celebrities I've seen wear this trend and look stunning. Blake Lively is a prime example, makes me fall in love with the style. 

A few things I've noticed that help find the perfect OTK boots without giving off the pretty woman vibe is:

  • Stay away from pleather, especially shiny types. 
  • Avoid super high heels
  • To be on the safe side get flats
  • Other colors besides black, like browns and other dark colors are a safe bet
  • Great to pair with tights and leggings
  • If going with black, suede is a great alternative to leather
  • Wear with conservative clothing, let the boots be the statement piece
I've been pining after a pair, think I'll need some for this season. What's your thought on these statement pieces?


  1. Man, I could never pull off a look like that but Blake does it beautifully & think you will too :)
    It's still warm here (with a slight chill in the air) in Mumbai so that snow could really do right now :D

  2. Hello from Spain: I wish you best of your knee injury. Christmas is near. I like your proposals especially the dresses. Keep in touch

  3. Adore over-the-knee boots! Great tips!

    xx Karolina

  4. yep definitely stay away from pleather or pvc :) the black ones blake is sporting is so gorgeous and classy <3 i think they also look great when its perfect fitted and not loose <3

  5. They are perfect for anyone tall I look lost in them. The image shows who could rock it.

  6. Ah I so love that outfit Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman - those boots are killers! xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

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  8. Love Blake Lively, she is stunning! Very nice post.I owe 4 pairs and absolutely love them.They're comfortable and cozy! Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  9. I agree with all the tips you said, I am on a hunt for a nice pair of black suede over knee boots!
    And Blake Lively is definitely rocking over knee boots, such a nice inspiration! :)

  10. very very nice my dear!!:)

  11. OTK's are always a delicate one... you really have to choose the right outfit that goes with them, Blake's outfits are gorgeous!

  12. Pretty woman was just on TV yesterday in Slovenia. Epic movie, still.

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  13. i love over the knee boots! the are soooo cool, i totally need a pair!
    great post, you have put together some great tips!


    ♥ Ellen
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  14. Thigh-high boots are so sexy, and really perfect for women of any height. It's a must have boots for all seasons. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  15. nice post!<3
    i follow you via gfc
    follow back?

  16. I'm petite, so I'll pass those boots

  17. I love over the knee boots! Great tips! :D
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog ;)

  18. over the knee boots are so sexy but perfect for tall girls with looong legs..which I don't have hahaha
    would you mind to follow each other?
    have a lovely weekend xx

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  20. those over the knee boot look so sexy en classy at the same time. I will love to have some boots like that but I live in the Caribbean so... No I don't need them it is hot here...

    I just follow your blog can we follow each other?

  21. Blake Lively can pull off just about anything! The looks you chose with her in the over-the-knee boots are amazing!