Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up. Europe, Winter, Move, and More!

Posting again! Getting more frequent already huh :) Time to play catch up, and sorry for the crazy amount of images in this post. This is what I've been doing the last bit while I've been neglecting my poor blog!

Enjoying the sunshine in my favorite dress.

 Surviving the forever winter also in Michigan lol.
Yes you weirdos here from reverse searching my steam or mmo forum pic I am bunnie. Now stop being creepy lol. 
  Moving to place where winters look like this. Ah. Love.

Traveled the world in this with some lovely people.  Got to take photography for a band and travel Europe. Once in a lifetime experience.
 Traveling the world. This is in Vienna.
 Tried authentic fish and chips. I can't say I liked it too much lol.
But I can say I loved this authentic Belgian waffle I enjoyed in Brussels. 

Koln, Germany

Cardiff, UK

 Bet you can guess where this was taken lol.

 Seeing the Mona Lisa and all other wonderful art in the Lourve was breathtaking. Though, I am surprised it was so small!

I am so greatful for this trip. Meeting so many great people, spending it with a person I love dearly, and seeing things I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see. Ah. Truly amazing. I loved every second. Even though I can't say living on a bus with a 20-some stinky boys was always the most fun. Lol. Glad everyone was sweet and awesome. But I am glad to be back in the US and in my new home relaxing by the pool and having a stable job.

Life is so good. 

What's the best vacation/adventure you guys have been on? Where's one place you need to go to?

xoxo, Haylee

Monday, May 26, 2014

Messy Hair For Summer | Dolled Up Daily Blog

My oh my, I am bad at blogging consistently. But what can I say, I always find myself coming back. :) To update old readers, I've recently graduated, moved across the country to the sunshine state, and got a job in the field I went to school for. Life is good. I sure can't complain about living by the beach either. Still trying to get used to the weather, but enjoying every second of sunshine.

I thought I'd return with a simple short post that inspires me and hope it does some of you too! Some relaxed summer easy styles I just love so much. One of my favorite things about the sunniest season  is that it's truly so relaxing. So shouldn't we look like we're enjoying the beach days and the sun rays?! I think so. From true messy buns to real beachy waves, I love all these looks and will be trying my own at some of them. What's your go to hair style for the summer?




Thanks for reading friends, I will write again soon. Looking forward to catching up on some of my favorite blogs and finding some new awesome ones too!